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Talent Concept


Talents are the most important resource for enterprise. To promote employees’ progress and satisfaction is one of the existing values of enterprise. We start from concerning about and meeting the employees’ needs, motivate them working, promote coordinated destination of both enterprise and employee so as to help employees to fulfill their sense of accomplishment of and make their jobs effective.


We respect worth of people, enhance their quality, show their ability, protect their rights, gather their intelligence, and make them develop together with the enterprise through the institutional arrangement.


We adhere to the following principles when recruit talents: tolerant, sciential, professional and healthy.


We adhere to the following principles when distribute staff: talent-post matching, give full scope to the talents, develop strong points and avoid weaknesses, advantage complementation.


We adhere to the following principles when select talents: fair and just, have both virtue and talent, contribution first, not stick to one pattern.


We adhere to the following principles when promote employees’ development: learn in practice, improve gradually and continuously, see capable thinking to same.


Human Resource Target


Closely around development strategy of enterprise, establish human resource development strategy, and improve the management system of talent selection, training, appointment, development and reserve. Promoting employees to all their own qualities, maximize their values, achieve the optimal allocation of human resources, increase the capacity for sustainable development by effective operation of the following six modules: talent selection, training, emolument, performance assessment, employee relationship, human resources planning to ensure the achievement of the strategic target of becoming a giant international engineering enterprise with international competitiveness.


Human Resource Strategy


Set up an efficiency organization


According to the development strategy, enterprise scale, technical characteristic, industry specific and our information communication system, set up a scientific, rational and efficiency organization, shorten the information communication channel, improve the teamwork efficiency so as to make organization meet the development of enterprise and ensure its suitability, foresight and core competence.


Get the best efficiency of human resources


Form a diversified incentive system with the combination of material encourages and spirit encourages, and stimulate the potential and activity of employees.

Form a multi-level and al training system to provide the trainings and opportunities which are in harmony with development goal of enterprise for employees.

Form a reasonable and fair performance evaluation system to stimulate potential and improve satisfaction of employees, so as to reduce the wastage rate of talents.

Create a warm and harmonious atmosphere of interpersonal relationship, and cultivate a positive and efficiency work environment.

Form a scientific human resource management system to maximize the value of employees and realize the co-development of employees and enterprise.