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Nanjing Kisen upholds the philosophy of “Making Best Use of Resources to Serve Construction” of CNBM Group, and enterprise culture core sense of worth “Harmony, Performance, Responsibility” and establishes own enterprise culture system.


Enterprise Mission


Base on returning country with technology, pursuing green world, strong social responsibility, following national resource economic and environment friendly strategy, providing society with energy saving technology and products. Cherish resource and protect environment in development, contribute to world cement industry and try to be a forerunner of green cement industry.


Enterprise Promise


Develop cement plant construction, cement equipment manufacture, waste heat generation construction, municipal refuse treatment together scientifically and sustainably. With efforts, we will become a first class competitive international engineering company with power, efficiency and fame.


Enterprise Values


Virtue, Practice, Effort, Harmony


Virtue, is sincere to people and business, keep promise and work with fair and justice.

Practice, is to find truth and earnestly practice what one advocates in performance.

Effort is to keep improving, be prepared for danger in safety time and have courage to innovate.

Harmony has three aspects: people-oriented in company; win-win with partners; carry out social responsibilities, be harmony with environment and society.


Enterprise Spirit


Hard Work, Exploring and Innovation, Striving for Excellence


Hard Work is to create career with diligence;

Exploring and Innovation are to liberate thought and keep pace with times to innovate;

Striving for Excellence means infinite ambition and never satisfy, company will develop unlimitedly.


Business Idea


Nanjing Kisen practice tenet of “super-valued service, benefit for customers”, think from customer aspect and find multi beneficial cooperation method, optimize resource configuration to maximize value of customer and enterprise and satisfy customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers, government and partners.


Management Policy


Technology innovation, construct excellent project;

Abidance by law and faith, increase customer satisfaction;

Continuous development, achieve outstanding management;

People-orient idea, guarantee health and safety;

Natural harmony, create green environment.


Talent Idea


Talents are the first resources of company, employees grow with company.