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Heidelberg Turkey AKcansa 6000t/d Cement Production Line EP project

1. Basic information

Turkey Akçansa Cement Company is a joint venture company of Turkey Sabancı Group and German Heidelberg Group. It had originally a 5500t/d clinker production line with bypass system which used 20~30% high sulfur petroleum coke. The company issued tender invitation globally for the second line of 6000t/d in the second half of 2005 and in February 2006, entering the stage of bidding and contract negotiation. On May 12, China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. formally signed the EP contract, undertaking engineering design, equipment supply, and installation supervision and commissioning guide and other technical service. Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co., Ltd., the subsidiary company of China Triumph, undertook the main work of tender bidding and contract implementation. This is the first overseas EP project of Nanjing Ksien.

The project commenced on June 19, 2006, in early February 2008, individual and interlock test started, on March 3 kiln was ignited and fed, on May 6, the project completion ceremony was held, and on May 30, the performance test was passed and PAC issued, and then the line was handed over to Akçansa to commercial operation, all the technical index and construction period requirement in contract were achieved, and all the balance payment was settled.

In the effective management of Akçansa Cement Company, the line kept high quality and stable state operation with 100% burning high sulfur petroleum coke and wthout bypass system, and the actual main operation indexes exceeded guarantee requirements. Based upon the actual production situation after commissioning, this project was awarded First Prize of Fourteenth Excellent Engineering Design Achievement of Building Materials Industry in 2009 of China Building Materials Association.

2. Main technical difficulties and outstanding features

1) Using 100% high sulfur petroleum coke as burning fuel for clinker, sulfur content is 5~6%, and without bypass system. Nanjing Kisen applies research and development as the basis, has carried out a lot of technology research and research work, for the first time using 100% high sulfur petroleum coke burning system to satisfy Owner’s specific requirements, solving a series of questions of petroleum coke nonflammable, low volatile and high sulfur, the proprietary technology has reached the international advanced level. Because to explore the use of 100% high sulfur petroleum coke for clinker burning has been an international technical problems in the cement industry, the success of the project had become an international symbol project, influencing the international community greatly.

2) According to Owner requirement, this special double row five stage cyclone preheater anf multi spouting calciner with double combustion chambers (equipped with denitration system), one row can work separately when the other row fails in actual operation.

3) Engineering design, mechanical and electrical equipment delivery are in conformity with the European standards and specific requirements of the German Heidelberg Technology Center for cement construction. At the same time all mechanical and electrical equipment supply must pass CE certification with corresponding certificates.

4) The whole clinker production line is configured with total 35 automatic control loop, many interlocks and protections, and this system shall be put to use in the commissioning stage, meaning even in the extreme case of abnormal production, the DCS control system can automatically process. This not only breaks the conventional thought of automatic control loop only working in normal operation, but also basically realizes the new online control without employee in CCR.

3. Main production operation status

After Akçansa second line was handed over, the average output of clinker had been maintained at 6350~6500t/d, the average heat consumption of clinker was 725~735kcal/t-cl, the average power consumption of clinker was 56.5~58kWh/t-cl, the compressive strength of clinker 28d was 54.5~58MPa, the qualified rate of f-CaO≤1.5% in clinker was less than 90%; the gas temperature of preheater cyclone1 outlet is 295~303℃, outlet pressure is 4960~5140Pa.

When the project began to put to production on March 3, 2008, it immediately attracted attention from the Turkey cement industry, Germany Heidelberg also uninterrupted tracked trial production. For this, Akçansa Cement Company held a grand completion ceremony on May 6, 2008, the leaders of Turkey cement industry and the German Heidelberg gave a high evaluation on the success of this line.