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Nanjing Kesen Kenen Environment & Energy Co., Ltd. specializes in comprehensive utilization of waste heat resources in cement, glass, steel, metallurgy and other industries, and renders professional and customized services of technical consulting, engineering design, EPC, contracting energy management etc. The company owns more than 40 technical patents in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction, among which the second and third generation of waste heat power generation technology of cement kiln has reached the international advanced level. It participated in the preparation of national and industrial technical standards for many times and has won the first prize of national industrial design and more than 50 ministerial excellent engineering awards.


The company has undertaken more than 200 energy conservation projects, and its international business covers more than 10 countries and regions, including India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, Philippines, South Korea, North Korea, Madagascar, etc. Among them, EPC and BOT projects are nearly 70%.


The company has expanded from the traditional industrial waste heat power generation and energy conservation and emission reduction to the comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection (such as biomass power generation, waste power generation, waste derived fuel, cement kiln collaborative disposal of domestic waste, ultra-clean emission of flue gas), distributed energy and clean and efficient energy (such as cogeneration of thermal power plant, gas heating engineering, distributed energy), new energy development (such as photovoltaic photothermal utilization technology) and other energy conservation and environmental protection industry chains.