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Nanjing Kisen owns a complete-specialized, professional, and innovative technical team, which covers various of specialties, such as mine design, water supply and drainage, process, electric and automation, computer science and technology, software engineering, power engineering, HVAC, architecture, architecture, structure, general layout, transportation, mechanical manufacture, technical economy, preliminary budget, safety engineering etc. Most of the technical engineers have rich experience in design for over 200 new dry process cement production lines.


Nanjing Kisen is committed to the independent innovation, research and development, improvement, and popularization and application of new dry process cement production technology. Cement burning system developed by Nanjing Kisen applied to various scales of cement production lines from 1500t/d to 10000t/d. Among them, more than 20 products, such as preheater, cooler, burner etc. have passed the ministerial appraisal of new product and got Jiangsu Province high-tech products certification. Burning system developed by Nanjing Kisen has been applied in more than 200 cement production lines, and technical indicators (capacity, coal consumption, power consumption and emission) of cement production lines, which have been put into operation, have reached the international or domestic advanced level.


CUCC Xuzhou second 10000TPD clinker cement production line (Nanjing Kisen was responsible for design, supply of core equipment, and installation of mechanical and electrical equipment) only took 18 months to complete the whole process from kick-off to putting into operation. All indicators exceeded CUCC Xuzhou first 10000TPD clinker cement production line, capacity increased by 10.5%, and standard coal consumption reduced by 3%.


CUCC Taian Low Energy Consumption Intelligent Cement Demonstration Line which was EPC contracted by Nanjing Kisen was put into operation in 2015. The burning system of the demonstration line adopts the proprietary technologies of Nanjing Kisen, such as low resistance six-stage preheater, high efficiency low nitrogen calciner, the fourth generation grate cooler with middle section roller crusher, two-stage support low energy consumption short kiln, etc., the heat consumption of the burning system achieves 94kg standard coal/t-cl, and the comprehensive power consumption of clinker is less than 46kWh/t, which was a new breakthrough in technical indicators of domestic cement industry achieved in that year.


Nanjing Kisen implements the design policy of "high efficiency, high reliability, low investment and low consumption" for customers, and strives to build each production line into a boutique project. The projects undertaken by the company has won more than 130 provincial and ministerial awards, among which, Zhejiang Hejiashan Cement Co., Ltd. Comprehensive Utilization of Industrial Solid Waste New Dry Process Cement Production Line Project has won the 2006 National Excellent Engineering Design Copper Award, CUCC Xuzhou Cement Co., Ltd. 2nd 10000t/d Cement Production Line with Supporting Pure Low Temperature Waste Heat Power Generation Comprehensive Project application report (and feasibility study) won the First Prize of 2009 National Excellent Engineering Consulting Reward.