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Since 2012, Nanjing Kisen intelligent manufacturing R & D team has established data model and business model in line with the cement industry after a lot of research and repeated exploration, and has passed CMMI3 (Capability Maturity Model Integration level III) certification. It has developed the intelligent plant operation and maintenance management platform with independent intellectual property rights and more suitable for cement process enterprises and Nanjing Kisen expert intelligent control system. Its intelligent manufacturing solution and software platform have been iterated from Version 1.0 of CUCC Taian to Version 3.0 currently implemented online in various cement plants. Its own R & D cement plant intelligent manufacturing technology covers intelligent mines, intelligent logistics, intelligent quality control, intelligent production, intelligent inspection, intelligent remote control and intelligent optimization. Through advanced generalized model prediction, fuzzy control, neural network, Internet+, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, it has realized the overall intelligent control and management of a cement plant from mining, material entering plant to laboratory, inspection, equipment maintenance, production, statistics, analysis etc., and played a positive role in energy conservation, consumption reduction and efficiency increase, labor intensity reduction and environmental protection of cement plant, and realized the full life cycle service from design, construction to operation and maintenance of intelligent cement plant.


智能制造CUCC Taian 5000tpd cement production line in Shandong, which integrates the intelligent manufacturing technology of Nanjing Kisen, is the production line with the highest level of energy conservation, environmental protection and automation in China. It focuses on the characteristics of numerical control of mining, non-homogenization of raw material processing, non-ball of material grinding, non-chromium of refractory materials, intelligent production control, informatization of production management, no staff on production site and visualized production process. Key indicators such as heat consumption, power consumption, dust emission and labor productivity have achieved historic breakthroughs. Energy consumption per ton of product has been reduced by 20%, and labor productivity per capita has been increased by 120%. The actual production data since 2016 are: clinker output about 5800t/d, comprehensive clinker power consumption 46kWh/t, comprehensive cement power consumption 70kWh/t, dust emission ≤20mg/Nm³, standard coal consumption per clinker 94kg/t, quantity of production personnel of whole plant: 95, direct production cost 95 yuan/t. In 2015, as the only project in the cement industry, it was selected as the first batch of 46 Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Projects by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.


At present, Nanjing Kisen expert intelligent control system (including kiln operation expert optimization, mill operation expert optimization, denitration expert optimization), intelligent plant operation and maintenance management platform (including energy management, quality management, equipment management, inspection management, production information management, etc.) has been put into more than 20 production lines, including CUCC Taian, South Cement Haiyan, Zunyi Scitus, SampyoCement in South Korea, CUCC Pingyi, etc. with good effect. It combines the functions of expert intelligent diagnosis and energy management with the production management system, forming a unified platform for the management, scheduling, statistics, benchmarking and intelligent production of cement enterprise, greatly improving the cost-effectiveness, energy saving and emission reduction of cement enterprise, improving the quality control and equipment management level, with remarkable advantages.


Nanjing Kisen intelligent manufacturing team includes solution research and design, product design, algorithm development, software development, testing, market management, project management, system implementation teams, and operation and maintenance support teams, with full independent development and integration capabilities. The team will adhere to the company's concept of production, learning and research, domestic and foreign cooperation, strive to absorb advanced science and technology at home and abroad, integrate advanced intelligent equipment, online analysis, image recognition, three-dimensional simulation, expert optimization control, data analysis and other advanced technologies, continue to serve the intelligent construction of cement plants and cement related process industries, and realize the full life-cycle services from design, construction to operation and maintenance, and realize seamless integration and upgrading of new technologies and products, minimize requirements and costs for later operation and maintenance, and protect plant investment.