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To meet the industry requirements for utilization of raw materials waste, and promote transformation and upgrading of cement enterprises to environmental protection enterprises, Nanjing Kisen developed cement kiln co-processing of domestic waste and municipal sludge technologies, technology of cement burning with carbide slag instead of limestone, technology of manganese slag desulfurization, technology of acid-making from phosphogypsum and cement cogeneration, technology of cement production with a variety of industrial waste residue as raw materials and admixture, technology of disposal of hazardous waste, technology of disposal of construction waste etc., which lays a good foundation for cement industry in waste disposal.


According to the condition of industrial waste and construction waste in China, and based on the characteristics of domestic waste, such as complicated composition, uneven granularity, lower heat value, Nanjing Kisen developed the patent technology of disposal of domestic waste with grate furnace and calciner, which well adapted to characteristics of domestic waste in China. This technology has been applied to Guizhou Qianxi Southwest Cement Project. In addition, Nanjing Kisen self-developed sludge disposal technology has been applied to Hejiashan Cement Project and Zunyi Saide Project. Technology of cement burning with carbide slag instead of limestone has been applied to Luojiang Lisen Project. Technology of manganese slag desulfurization has been applied to Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese Industry Group Project. This technology is the world's first, and it has been put into operation successfully. Technology of disposal of hazardous waste and construction waste is being applied to Jiangsu Jinfeng Cement Project.


At present, Nanjing Kisen is committed to the research and development of the latest technology of waste co-processing and utilization in the industry, and providing more powerful technical support for the transformation and upgrading of building materials industry.