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The Company Has Passed the External Supervision and Audit of Three-Standard Management System in 2019

From November 20 to 22, the audit experts of Jiangsu Branch of China Classification Society conducted the annual supervision and audit of the company's three-standard system. Feng Jianhua, General Manager of the top management of the company's three-standard system, Gao Aiguo, Deputy General Manager of the management representative, and the heads of relevant divisions attended the supervision and audit meeting.

In this audit, experts learned about the operation of the company's system documents in the business processes of engineering design, consultation, procurement, project construction management, etc. through on-site interviews, spot checks on daily document records, and reviewed the implementation of the system's daily monitoring, internal audit and management review. Experts believe that the company's three-standard system is compatible with the current business model, the system operates normally, and it is recommended to maintain certification and registration. At the same time, experts also put forward improvement suggestions and opinions on hazard identification, local laws and regulations identification, on-site management of EPC project, definition of individual responsibilities of divisions, etc.

Gao Aiguo, the management representative and deputy general manager, summarized that the company will further strengthen the planning work in advance, enhance the cooperation between divisions and continuously improve the system in daily work in combination with the suggestions put forward by the audit team.

Feng Jianhua, the top manager and general manager of the three-standard system, pointed out that the company will continue to strengthen the environmental protection and occupational health and safety management, constantly optimize the allocation of human resources, improve the operation efficiency and management level of the company, and make the company better adapt to the requirements of the market and customers.