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Nanjing Kisen Held the 2019 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference



On January 6, Nanjing Kisen 2019 annual summary and commendation conference was held in Nanjing. Sun Jian'an, deputy secretary of the Party committee and President of China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Feng Jianhua, general manager of Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co., Ltd., made a summary report, Li Dongfeng, deputy general manager, presided over the meeting, and Gao Aiguo, deputy general manager, read out various commendation decisions. More than 300 employees in Nanjing attended the meeting. 

Feng Jianhua reviewed the company's work and achievements in 2019 in the report. Over the past year, Nanjing Kisen has adhered to the principle of "Benefit First", the contract quality has been greatly improved, the market development has achieved good results; the overall coordination ability of the general contracting project has been enhanced, the efficiency of project implementation has been improved, the cost control has been strengthened, and the difficulties of project control have been properly solved; new breakthroughs have been made in burning, grinding, ultra-low emission, collaborative disposal and intelligent technology, research and development projects. The patent quantity has increased significantly, the proportion of invention patent applications has increased significantly, and the company has been selected as a green manufacturing system solution supplier of MIIT, achieving a major breakthrough in the application of government supported projects; the newly signed contract amount, operating revenue and other indicators of the two business divisions have been fully over fulfilled; the annual charging target has been fully completed, the historical payment collection target has been over fulfilled, safety in production has been guaranteed, and the industry chain risk has been realized effective response, annual risk management control objective has been achieved, enterprise development has been steady with progress and improvement in quality; strengthen the construction of talent team, do a good job in publicity and ideological and cultural construction.

Feng Jianhua carefully analyzed the economic situation in the report, put forward the company's key work ideas and main objectives and tasks in 2020, and deployed 5 key works in 2020 in detail. The first is to further improve the operation quality and industry influence; the second is to strengthen the main business of engineering and improve the control ability of the whole industrial chain of engineering services; the third is to strengthen the top-level design, break through the bottleneck of its own technology, and accelerate the transformation and application of scientific research results; the fourth is to continuously simplify the management chain, form a market-oriented employment mechanism, increase positive incentives, and fully stimulate the backbone talents to do business enthusiasm. 

Sun Jian'an fully affirmed Nanjing Kisen's work in 2019. On behalf of the board of directors of the company, he expressed his heartfelt thanks for the hard work of the leading group of the enterprise in the past year and the hard work of all cadres and employees. He pointed out that Mr. Feng summarized the company's work in 2019 in a very comprehensive way and detailed the work deployment in 2020, which he fully agreed with. At the same time, he reported the business performance of China National Building Materials Group and Triumph Group in 2019. In 2019, the business performance of China National Building Materials Group reached the highest level in history. In 2019, the business income, total profit and net profit attributable to the parent of Triumph Group increased rapidly. Finally, he put forward four specific requirements in combination with the actual development of Nanjing Kisen: first, to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, create a harmonious and vigorous development atmosphere, and create a team to start a business; second, to expand the market, innovate the management mode and operation mode, and increase the international operation; third, to improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, technical service and EPC project construction; fourth, it is necessary to continue to implement "Three Fine" management and further promote mechanism innovation. 

Gao Aiguo read out the company's recognition decision in 2019.



The advanced collective, the praise collective, the advanced project department, the praise project department, the excellent project award, the technology progress award, and the outstanding intellectual property achievement award were awarded with medals and certificates by the departments and top ten advanced employees.

Representatives of the advanced collective, the advanced project department and the advanced staff made speeches respectively.

Li Dongfeng made a summary speech. He called on all cadres and employees to unify their thoughts, inspire their spirits, deeply understand and implement the spirit of the conference, and strive to fully complete the tasks of 2020, achieve higher quality development and achieve the annual development goals.